“Tap Siac Craft Market”—Booth Application

Booth Application Rules

IC will hold the “Tap Siac Craft Market” event at the Tap Siac Square from 19 to 21 and from 26 to 28 November 2021, to showcase original works by handcraft aficionados.

  1. Booth details:
    1. Booths are set up at the Tap Siac Square;
    2. A free booth will be offered to the selected applicants during the whole event;
    3. Two booths share a tent, whose measurement is 5m x 5m;
    4. IC provides each booth free of charge with two folding chairs, one long table (measurement is 1.5m x 0.6m x 0.745m), one fan, one banner with booth name, one light tube in the tent, and one plug-in socket.
  2. Applicant eligibility:
    1. Applicant must hold a valid identity document of the place of origin and be the owner of the brand or designer of the product;
    2. The products must have original design;
    3. A minimum of ten product styles.
  3. Selection methods:
    1. If the number of applicants meeting the above requirements exceeds the number of booths installed, IC will select the applicants by drawing lots;
    2. Those are not selected will be put on the waiting list;
    3. If the applicants fulfilling the conditions mentioned in item 2 but were confirmed to be late or left early for three times or more, have been absent for one day or more during the last edition of “Tap Siac Craft Market” event, the applicants will be put on the waiting list;
    4. If the applicants fulfilling the conditions mentioned in item 2 but were put on record during the last edition of Tap Siac Craft Market for selling or provision of goods or services suggesting violence, obscenity, horror or infringement of copyright, or of goods or services failing to comply with the criteria set forth in item 2.2, they will be put on the waiting list;
    5. After the completion of draw mentioned in item 3.1, a waiting list draw will be conducted to decide the standby order;
    6. Places for selected applicants unable to participate in the craft market will be replaced by substitutes on the waiting list according to standby order.
  4. Application period: from 31 August to 13 September 2021
  5. Submission of application: Applicants must submit the application form and required information before the application deadline, otherwise it will not be considered.
  6. The event will cooperate with the prevention and control measures of the novel coronavirus pneumonia adopted by the Macao SAR Government, including cancelling or modifying the form of the event; and the decision announced by IC shall prevail.
  7. All participants must comply with the relevant epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the IC in accordance with the health department of the Macao SAR Government.
  8. Miscellaneous:
    1. All personal data provided by applicants will only be used for this event and will be handled in accordance with Law No. 8/2005 – Personal Data Protection Act;
    2. Applicants must ensure that, for all the personal data provided, all the related persons have known the purpose of data collection.
  9. Enquiries: Call 8399 6289 during office hours.
  10. Reservation of rights: IC reserves the right of final interpretation and decision on the terms and conditions mentioned in the Rules.
Revised July 2021

Booth Operation Details

  1. The Craft Market event aims to provide a display platform for creative practitioners. Therefore, original products, original designs and the provision of products, services and experience with high cultural reference and the provision of charitable services are only allowed at the craft market;
  2. Booth operators can only sell or provide goods or services approved by IC in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations;
  3. For any addition of goods or service categories, the operators shall apply to IC in advance and may sell or provide the additional goods or services during the activity period only upon IC’s approval;
  4. Operators who sell or provide goods or services suggesting violence, obscenity, horror or infringement of copyright, or fail to comply with the criteria for goods and services set forth in item 2 of the “Application Rules for Tap Siac Craft Market” will be put on record and prohibited from selling or providing the respective goods or services immediately;
  5. Booth operators shall ensure that the products and services sold or provided are original and do not infringe any copyright and other rights of any third party. If failing to do so results in any litigation brought against IC, the booth operator shall bear full legal responsibility and compensate IC for all losses incurred;
  6. If IC is the subject of a litigation because of infringement of a third party’s copyright, the concerned booth operators shall assist IC in participating in the proceedings;
  7. In order to avoid any suspected infringement or violation of any relevant legal provisions governing foreign trade activities arisen from products on display/on sale in the Craft Market event, booth operators must pay attention to and abide by the following laws and statutes, in order to avoid violations of such that leading to their taking criminal liability or administrative legal responsibility, if any.
    1. Law no. 3/2016 – Amendment to Law no. 7/2003 – “Foreign Trade Law”;
    2. Law no. 2/2017 – “Enforcement Law of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”;
    3. Law no. 5/2012 – Amendment to Decree-Law no. 43/99/M – “The Regime of Copyright and Related Rights”;
    4. “Industrial Property Code” – Approved by Decree-Law no. 97/99/M.
  8. In order to enhance food safety management, food and beverages stall owners must attend the food safety and hygiene seminar organised by IC for this event, otherwise they will be disqualified to join the event;
  9. Stalls offering retail services shall comply with the relevant provisions of Law No. 16/2019 (“Restrictions on the Provision of Plastic Bags”) and Executive Order No. 143/2019. Except for the exempted cases, a fixed amount of MOP1 shall be charged for each plastic bag provided.
  10. IC encourages booth operators to decorate the booth on their own, but they must use the booth correctly and must not renovate it in any form;
  11. When placing/storing any item inside the booth, booth operators must take into account public safety, and must take responsibility to safeguard it;
  12. In case of any damage to facilities in the booth, booth operators should inform the staff of IC as soon as possible;
  13. To protect the rights and interests of both parties, booth operators and their assistants must confirm with the staff of IC that the booth facilities are in proper condition and sign as a confirmation before the start and after the finishing of each day’s event;
  14. Booth operators and their assistants must wear the “Tap Siac Craft Market” working badge issued by IC during the event as an identification; all the working badges shall be returned to IC after the event;
  15. Booth operators must ensure that the employment of the workers at the booth are in compliance with the existing laws of the Macao SAR;
  16. A representative of the booth operator must sign in and sign out on time every day, and ensure that the booth is in full operation during the event;
  17. The staff of IC will conduct inspection tour and record the attendance of booth operators or their assistants. If unjustified absence, late arrival or early leave is found during the event, it may affect the booth operator’s eligibility to participate again in the event;
  18. Providing no reasonable explanation or being unable to provide document of proof with justified reasons for the absence (such as providing a medical certificate if getting sick, etc.), is deemed as unjustified absence;
  19. Booth operators shall not transfer, lease or share the booth to other brands for use in any form. If the above situation is found, they will be put on record and prohibited from these practices immediately. If no improvement is made, the booth operator’s eligibility to participate again in the event may be affected;
  20. In the event of a rainstorm, thunderstorm warning signal, or typhoon signal No. 3 being issued, all outdoor activities will be suspended or cancelled according to the announcement published by IC;
  21. When the typhoon signal number 8 is hoisted, all activities will be cancelled. IC has the right to remove the booths for reasons of public safety;
  22. If man-made damage occurred to government owned public property, IC will reserve the right to hold the perpetrator of the damage responsible;
  23. Tap Siac Craft Market Event Schedule and Notes for Attention:






    19/11 & 26/11 (Fri)

    16:00 - 17:00

    Temporary storage open

    Booth operators can move in and start operation as early as 16:00 (Fri) or 14:00 (Sat & Sun).

    .Please report to staff of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) upon arrival for handover procedure;
    .All booths must be ready for operation before 17:00 (Fri) or 15:00 (Sat & Sun);
    .Booth operators and their assistants should wear “Tap Siac Craft Market” working badge issued by IC for identification purpose;
    .Temporary storage can only be accessed by the holder of “Tap Siac Craft Market” working badge issued by IC;
    .Booth operators are financially and/or legally responsible for the loss and damage of their products. Personal belongings and valuables are not suggested to store in the temporary storage;
    .Storing and retrieving are not allowed after the storage is closed.

    20-21/11 & 27-28/11
    (Sat & Sun)

    14:00 - 15:00

    19/11 & 26/11 (Fri)

    17:00 - 22:00

    Craft Market open to the public

    20-21/11 & 27-28/11
    (Sat & Sun)

    15:00 - 22:00

    19-21/11 & 26-28/11

    22:00 - 23:00

    Pack up booths

    Booth operators and their assistants should pack up their own booths when the Craft Market is over.

    .Booth operators and assistants report to IC staff before leaving for handover procedure.

    22/11 or 29/11

    10:00 - 12:00

    Temporary storage open

    Booth operators should finish retrieving all items in the storage.

    .IC handles the unretrieved items in storage after this session is closed.

  24. Any dispute related to the activities held during “Tap Siac Craft Market” shall be subject to prevailing laws and regulations of Macao SAR and falls under jurisdiction of the court of Macao SAR. Legal proceedings by other regional courts shall be renounced;
  25. IC reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Operation Details and its decision shall be deemed final.