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Event code E20210838
Event name 29/05 Little Artists2022Discovering Chang Dai-Chien (1st section )
Date and Time 2022/05/29 Sun 14:30-15:30
Age limit Between the ages of 5 - 12
Access method First come, first served
Quota 20
Event venue Zero Square, Ground Floor of MAM


Discovering Chang Dai-Chien

Registration Date: 19-25/05/2022

Event date: last Sunday of each month

1st section 14:30-15:30

2nd section 16:00-17:00

Venue: Zero Square, Ground Floor of MAM

Traget: Children aged 5-12 years

language: Cantonese



Using Activity Registration System website on a first come, first served basis.


Applicatiopn Info:

1.An online application shall be completed according to the monthly application date. A maximum of 20 places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

2.For sessions of the same theme on the same day, each applicant can only apply for one of them. If instances of accepted repeated applications are found, the applicant will be put on the waiting list for both sessions.

3.If the enrolled applicant fails to attend the relevant activity, please call 8791 9814 before the date of activity to cancel his or her place, which will be filled up by the waiting list according to the order of applications. The enrolled applicant from the waiting list will be notified of the arrangement via an SMS message or a phone call.

4.If the following situations apply to any of the enrolled applicants, his or her application will only be put on the waiting list next time:

 -He or she fails to attend the relevant activity, and does not cancel his or her own place in advance.

    -He or she is over 20 minutes late.

   5.The enrolled applicant shall bring his or her own oversleeves and apron.

6.Participants must undergo body temperature checks, present their valid personal health code and use alcohol-based handrub before activity.

   7.Special arrangements in inclement weather:

If a Typhoon signal of Number 3, or the red signal of heavy rain is hoisted at or after 11:30 is still in force  the scheduled activity time, all outdoor activities will be cancelled, and all indoor activities will be carried out as planned. If a Typhoon signal of Number 8, or the red rainstorm or black rainstorm of heavy rain is hoisted, all activities will be cancelled.

   8.For latest update, please visit the website of MAM, MAM reserves the right of final decision.





























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Language Cantonese